Have you ever cried playing a game?

The only game I can say for sure that I cried while playing is To The Moon during the "Everything's Alright" cutscene. Ico's ending, The Last Guardian's ending, Brother's A Tale of Two Son's ending and Okami's prayer scene during the final boss I might have shed a tear for while playing. I'm more likely to cry while reminiscing about sections of a game though, as while I'm still playing I have a level of disconnect, with my mind set to getting through the next gameplay segment.
Never, The most i got was a lump in my throat (RDR 2 Arthur)

Although i usually feel blue for 1 or 2 days after finishing a really great game and cant play anything.
The end of Red Dead Redemption 2 was the only real game that I can think of that made me break down in tears.
I'm the kind of person who's very emotional, so...
I don't think there has been a recent game I've played that has made me cry. There was one that I played a couple of years back that made me cry. It was called To the Moon and it was such a good game and got you right in the feels. It's on Steam if anyone wants to check it out.
Tales of symphonia made me shed tears multiple times.. (Highly reccommend if you haven't played this game, or any "tales of" games)
I would say a little bit was Bioshock. The good ending.
Bioshock world was definitely better and in first part the under water world made me quite nostalgic. Not cried but felt like lost something. I mean it was kind of a good journey in both games. I wonder where it took some people with that feeling. I kind of feel lost all the time with it.
I've gotten frustrated before playing a game but I don't recall ever crying during a game and I've been gaming since I was about 5 years old.
I honestly cannot think of any piece of fictional media that has made me cry. but I dont think its an odd question I know quite a few friends who get very emotional and attached when playing video games ( and i assume cry I have never asked them about it to know for sure)
The first time was playing Final Fantasy 4 (or 2 as it was called back then). I've posted about this before elsewhere on this here interwebs thingy, but
when Palom and Porom sacrificed themselves to save the rest of the party
, I got misty eyed. Even as a child in the 90's, I knew at that moment that video games were art.

  1. Rhapsody (PS1)
  2. Lunar 1 and 2 (PS1)
  3. MGS 3 (PS2), 4 (PS3), 5 (PS4)
  4. Final Fantasy 7: Crisis Core (PSP)
  5. Days Gone (PS4) repeatedly
  6. The Last of Us (PS3/PS4)
Journey, PS3, but not exactly while playing it. At the end of the journey, no pun intended, the credits would tell you what other players you played with - your companions. It was my first play through. I met another person very early on and we played together the entire time, sticking close, chirping sounds of encouragement, trying our best to gesture which way to go, creeping beneath the cruising behemoths, keeping each other warm during the climb up the iced mountains.

Well we finish, the credits roll, I take note of their name (even wrote it down) and went about the rest of my day - really cheered up by the game. I didn't turn on my PS3 for a few days. When I come back to it, ready for another session of Journey, I see I have a new friend invite - and it's that player! Cool, I accept.

She messages me sometime later, tells me her name, and explains that she's been depressed for a while due to an accident that left her unable to leave home for a while, and this was the first video game she had played since Pokemon as a kid, on her brand new PS3 - brought to her that day by a sibling. And that I made the experience really special for her. I teared up.

We're still PSN pals, have played a few games together here and there over the years, but she hardly ever logs on anymore. She got better, got back on with her life as it existed before her accident I suppose.
The original Klonoa which, between the second-act gut-punch and the bitersweet ending, definitely made 8 year old me cry! After that, Shadow of the Colossus is the obvious one. Also shead tears at The Last Guardian, but I get the feeling a lot of that was based on expectation (due to SotC) rather than the game itself causing it.
Final Fantasy Crisis Core, I knew how it ends, but yeah, I was crying like little boy.
There were points where I got goosebumps but rarely did I cry in a game.
I think is a very interesting question actually and not at all unusual. We seem to focus on the anger that games can provide us with but I believe crying is also closely related with this more common emotion.

For me, I have cried on special occasions, usually in the final of FIFA tournament as I have had to fight my way through many difficult games to get that far. Usually it is anger when I lose to a poor player and tears when I feel hard done by or exhausted.
Oh yes. Tons of times! Though not in the recent past.

The last time I cried playing a game was after I won the grand pokemon tournament in Pokemon Emerald. Its not part of the main game objectives and is part of the collateral objectives in post game play.

This was in around 2006.

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