Have you ever cheated in games?


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Mar 23, 2019
Have you ever used any cheats to help you in a video game? If so, what cheats did you use and in what video game? Did you get banned afterwards?

Personally, I had cheats only once before a lot of time when I was playing in some Minecraft server and I was playing a lot of PVP but there were a lot of cheaters. So, I also downloaded one to use against them but that was for fun only. I was already good enough in combat but killing a cheater in that game is nearly impossible.
for offline games yes, nothing hurts making things a bit easier or more fun. I know cheats back in the SNES days would just make the common gameplay really fun.
I know cheats but never use it in games because it is not fair and not help to increase my skills for games.
I have played a couple of games in the past that I was tempted to make use of cheats to pass some difficult phases, but I didn't do it. The downside of doing such is that, in most cases, those who make use of chests always get banned and this is part of the reasons I don't really like it.
I paid a hacker $5 to fill a GTA account with a little less than a billion dollars and then I transferred that account to the PS4. That's about the only thing that I've done really. Never got banned for that either.

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