Have you ever accidentally purchased a gaming equipment?


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Jan 10, 2019
Have you ever bought a gaming equipment that is too big, too small or not suitable for purpose? Have you brought the item back to the store? Were you able to get the retailer to resolve and swap the product? If so, explain the following in more detail.
I think I have recently purchased this MIC stand which is a bit too pricey for my use. And also I may not be needing it any time soon. So I may have to either sell it or replace the same in time ahead. I am wondering if I can exchange it or have it replaced but considering it's been 60 days or not using it sounds like not exchangeable any more.
I've made some gaming related purchases that I've regretted after a while. Most of the time, when I have been able to, I've returned the product and got my money back. But I have a few games that I can't do anything with so they will just be there.

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