Have ever been banned in video games?


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Jan 10, 2019
Have you ever been given ban in an computer game? Was it permanent or temporary? What was the reason to why your account got restricted and the which way did you resolve it?
Never got banned. And I dont think I will get either. The reason being I avoid multiplayer most of the time. I do play it but with friends mostly. And most of those network tournaments. I try to avoid continental or international competitiion. And so chances of banning are low from that.
I got an Xbox 360 console ban from Microsoft for "Marketplace Theft".. I was just trying to even up the scores after numerous RRoD issues.

Needless to say that shortly after, I switched to PlayStation. :p
I have never received a ban from any video games because I play fair and not making any trouble. But I have received several temporary bans from unofficial game servers in the old Counter Strike 1.6 and Minecraft. Some of them are falsely convicted and others are because of personal matters with the administrators in the servers.
I've been banned numerous times on several games, mainly online MMO's though really. I've always tried to be good on console as I would hate to have to buy a new game/console if I got banned there. I mainly got banned on Runescape back in the botting days though as I used to run bots to get gold to sell on to other people. Wasn't a big operation, more lowkey and a bit of side-money but you could always skirt those bans really lol.

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