Has anyone experienced power going out while gaming?


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Mar 23, 2019
Has ever it happened to you while playing video game the power in the house to go out? Well, if it hasn't happened to you yet, you can consider yourself pretty lucky. But if otherwise, how did you react when the power went out? We all know that it's pretty annoying to lose a couple hours of gameplay if you haven't saved your progress for a while. Or if you are playing a competitive game like CS:GO - power going out and after not reconnecting to the match you receive a competitive cooldown. Well, it has happened to me at least 15-20 times and minimum 5 of them while playing CS:GO. There wasn't much I could do - just had to accept it and move on.
Oh wow this is a little story for me - really ruined my night when it did happen haha. So I was playing GTA SA (and I kid you not this happened to me!) and I'm sure we all know that "All you had to do was follow the damn train CJ" mission. So I was playing that and constantly failing to knock off the last two peeps on top of the train. So, after probably twenty minutes of failing I managed to do it and then blank. All lost, all that effort gone. Turns out our oven tripped the house. :(

Nothing I could do in that situation but try again!
This is quite possibly the most annoying thing I've faced, especially when something keeps tripping your electric haha. In our case it was the oven but we didn't know that at the time so I was playing GTA SA and whirling my way through missions when suddenly the screen goes black. Worst part is there is absolutely nothing I could do, you just had to have a whinge and get on with it. Happened for a couple nights before we got it all sorted as well. :(
I think when I was playing games like the GTA and the NFS. I tend to have experience the power outs. The reason being in that time there was issue with the power supply for us. But now a days that is not an issue here.
I've had this happen many times growing up, but now I try not to play games during thunder storms. (That's the only time the power would go out.) Now days, it's risky to play the current consoles during a thunderstorm as if there's a power outage there's a good chance the power supply in the console will get fried, or other components could get fried...
Its been a long time since it happened to me, not since the N64/PS1 days. In the near future I plan on getting a UPS to ensure I never have to worry again.
We've never had the power go out but someone did accidentally turn the power off from the wall when I went to get something. And as some will know, the PS4 really doesn't like it when someone does that :ROFLMAO:
I can relate to the power cut and other system specific issues in the region. I have faced a lot of those issues. For example, I purchased power backup for 1 hour support for this reason. But it's not meant for the gaming to be honest.
Power outage is a known issue in my clime, so whenever I am playing, I try to get prepared for the worse. This is part of the reasons Switch and other handheld consoles are selling more in this part of the world.
I can relate to that. Power outage often happen in places where the chances of getting the help is even less. I think that is another reason why people avoid gaming outside city regions.
The power going out whilst gaming has happened to me before and it is never a fun time! It always seems to happen as well when you are in the middle of something that can't be saved which makes it even more annoying. As you said, there isn't anything much that can be done and we have to just get on with it. Luckily it doesn't happen too often that I get power outages where I live but when we do, they tend to last a while and always come and very annoying times.
I know some of the gamers who have got their HDD fried when the light has done it's in and out schedule. It has definitely affected many of them in terms of the gaming performance. Having 24 hours power is always a good idea.
Have you ever had issues where your internet has gone down whilst playing online? What was the worst time for your internet to go down? For me, the worst time was when I was disconnected from a Fortnite match where I was in the Top 5. I was doing well, had a good loadout and it just disconnected :(
Yes I have got many AFK's in many MOBA games due to something like this. Most of the time Mobile Legends I have those sort of the experiences there. Lot of high ms in pings. Same is the case that I have noticed with the PUBG lately.
Yep, and during some of my best matches no less, just another reason I rather just play offline.
Yep. Happens to me quite often (that's why offline games are very nice to play - no reason to worry about a dropped connection!)

xenonVirus. Connectivity issues can happen to even the best of us.
In fact sometimes I think this AFK feature must be bug that is being used as hack to defeat opponents.

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