Harvey Weinstein has tested positive for COVID-19


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Dec 11, 2018
Oscar-winning movie producer Harvey Weinstein has tested positive for #COVID19 virus at an upstate New York prison, CNHI has learned. Exclusive report coming from @TipMahoney #MeToo

That guy's a bastard. I work in films sometimes, so I wouldn't want him producing any films I'm in. However, the film industry in general has a lot of selfish people, being that I've found myself in a situation where I'm being talked about, basically all over petty drama from 2016. It doesn't seem like I can do anything about that drama now. I wanted to try, but the main issue is the legal costs.
Its funny, I didn't even know he was into film until I hung out with a feiwnd and she told me haha.
Yeah. Apparently, this guy has executive produced a shit ton of famous films. Although I wouldn't wish this COVID-19 on anybody, he has hurt a lot of people, and so yeah, he deserves to rot in prison. Maybe just not from this disease.

I've giving up with acting now myself. I reckon I should have started it as a profession when I was in my early 20's. Although I didn't begin seeking it properly until 2015 when I was like, coming up for being 30 years old, and the last 3 years have been a disaster with me ending up in court for matters unrelated to films. All these people keep on slandering me, to the point where I should not even bother contacting anybody on Facebook any longer, about attempting to achieve gaining minor roles in these low budget productions. They have kept this up for ages, and I basically had enough of their crap and made a 15 second response video a while back, saying I was "gonna kill people" late last year, since the same arseholes have gotten me rejected (as an extra, of all things) for tons of local movies. Mainly of which will not likely end up on DVD anyway, but that is besides the point. My sister and I even met this pastor who made a full length Christian drama film. At the time, I added an entry for it on IMDb, and we suspect he cut a lot of our scenes out of the final cut because somebody had been talking trash about me in private, but I guess I'll never know. There was definitely something odd about the whole thing.

Personally, I have very bad anxiety offline, so I can't really travel outside of Edinburgh, and the same sad people have done it over and over again, probably feeling darn proud of themselves for costing me my career. Some radge pot from New Zealand also got my address after months of stalking me and pestering me on forums, and he sent people to my door, and he did it to my mate up the road as well. What's worse is, that I also paid money on Indiegogo to help these strangers with their films, and I didn't get the money back when the same douche bags got me declined behind the scenes, all because they knew them, they were a part of the production side of things, or something like that. Whatever it is, I know now it will never stop. Hell, they will still talk about me even if I do sue them.

More or less, I just wanted to try to feel important by being on the big screen, as I kind of wasted a lot of my younger years doing nothing but chasing after people that really weren't worth chasing after, and wasting my time in general. So I thought if I cannot be a prolific film actor, because I'm not talented enough, maybe I can be a great film extra instead. And I even know the slag who started doing it, and I never contacted her in like 3 long years. Nonetheless, she contacted these trolls I know from YouTube. Even before that occurred, I knew she was the culprit regardless just going by the pattern, as it all began after she blocked me on Twitter. After that, I got all these people blocking me since 2016 and not giving me a part as an extra in films, for 3 years as I said. Since it's annoying, but not necessarily illegal, it's hard to get it dealt with.

She's not the only one who does it either. Only, when I called around all these legal firms recently, hoping to take action against those who I know are responsible, nobody was interested in helping me out. In fact, I also recorded the conversations on a tablet, but the tablet has crappy audio quality, so you cannot hear me very well in the videos unless you use a speaker. Even then, the sound is not brilliant, and I saved more than 15 of these videos, feeling more and more fed up each time. Well, I also don't even know how to go about setting up a summary application to get my name cleared, and my own lawyer is just another crapper, I'm sure. He won't take on cases that he thinks I cannot win, so all he does is help me in court over me taking the heat for petty nonsense, that just ruins my life even further, because it never ends well for me. Legal aid covers that rubbish, as it's classed as a criminal proceeding. Most of the charges I got initially were over these ex support workers not wanting to work with me any more, because people spread stories and whatnot. That's what kicked it off to begin with. They asked to be removed, and I felt betrayed, and they abused me and everything. Rightfully so, I felt mad, and then all they did was screw me over more and more, because they could. Unfortunately, it's my word against theirs, really.

These legal practices all charge ridiculous fees such as £250 an hour, and being a guy who claims benefits such as ESA, I cannot afford that. They also said that I could go to advice shops to ask for their help, but believe me when I say that they aren't qualified to give out legal advice. I've been to one such place already. So why these lawyers recommend I go there, I have no idea. It seems they're just like, passing the buck as it were. It's the same thing as 'being fobbed off' on purpose.

The cost of people messing with you to deliberately get you riled up, is pretty much a big fat zero.
The cost of rectifying the damage they caused throughout your life, can soar into the thousands.
What's fair about that second part? There's nothing remotely fair nor funny about any of it at all.
I was actually told he was involved in Scary Movie while we watched it. It was kinda weird to think about.
I recently watched The Towering Inferno, and some black dude is in that, but I know he got imprisoned. O. J. Simpson, or something. Didn't he used to play basketball or soccer professionally?
I don't remember what he did for a living but yeah OJ simpson got in some trouble for spousal abuse.
No. I've not seen that. But I did hear about a German singer who exposed himself, vanished, and still found fame again as a duo.

This guy.

I always find it strange how some good singers gain popularity in their native land, but elsewhere, they're virtually unheard of.

I composed all of this today.

Someday, I hope to own all of these movies. I'm actually already halfway there. :D
I think Corona is too kind for Weinstein … he deserves to serve his sentence in full.

OJ almost certainly killed his ex wife and her boyfriend in a frenzied attack with a knife stabbing them a gazillion times. He was a very successful NFL player. He since went on to have a short career as an armed robber for which he went to prison and some other similarly poor choice life decisions.

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