Harry Potter RPG details leaked


May 30, 2020
I work for WB Marketing. They plan this year to show off this game among others. Here is what I know about the game. It won’t be called Harry Potter anything.

Instead it’s called Hogwarts: A Dark Legacy

  1. You get to customize your character. It’s not super detailed but the models look good. Male or Female. You are a 5th Year Student at Hogwarts who transfers from another Wizard School (I don’t know why but it’s a major plot detail later in the game). You play through all the way until graduation and then in your first year as an Auror? You also get to determine if your character is muggle born, pure blood or half blood. That decision will provide unique dialogue and minor quest options.
  2. Based on decisions you make regarding your character in the creation screen determines the house you get sorted in at Hogwarts.
  3. Each of the four houses has a unique quest line. However regardless of the house you are in you can’t side with the villain. That doesn’t mean you will make good decisions all the time. We were told that there are major moments in the game that can result in the deaths of important characters based on your decisions.
  4. Game takes place after Harry Potter series and after his children go to and graduate from Hogwarts. Was told main antagonist is not Voldemort level but is formidable and a former Death Eater. There are multiple antagonists in the game. Expectations for multiple sequels. Your character has a set last name that everyone will call him/her by.
  5. Multiple book characters make appearances however they are keeping this under wraps. Expect Harry Potter to make an appearance at some point.
  6. Skill tree is robust. Five Different branches to focus your characters magical abilities as well as perks that can unlock after X amount of points in a tree. We were shown a perk that allows your character to slow combat for a brief moment. Another perk that allowed you to control monsters for a certain amount of time.There is also Good/Evil points. If you veer towards evil you can learn more powerful spells. However you cannot learn any of the major forbidden ones unfortunately . There is classroom “assignments” that have difficult puzzles which can provide significant bonuses to your character.
  7. Story and combat are a slow burn but we were told the game builds up to some insane moments. Combat is fluid but relies on timing and tactics. You cannot button mash and win. Your character also has so much energy at any given time. You fight other wizards, creatures, etc. There is also a duel system for rivals. In non missions your character doesn’t reload from a previous save instead wakes up in the infirmary with some temporary negative effects.
  8. A reimagined version of the Nemesis system used in the Shadow of Mordor games is in this one. It’s not as robust as those games in terms of quantity but instead is very detailed on the few rivals it generates. It creates rivals for your character. The main rival is randomly generated via this system. He/she will be unique to each play-through however voiced by the same voice actors. This rival can be beaten, killed or made an ally based on decisions you make in the game.
  9. Lots of exploring. Four different hubs that are extremely detailed and offer lots of npcs, interactions, secrets and quests. Hogwarts, Hogsmead, and The Ministry are the three I know of. Not sure of what the fourth one is. Most of the game takes place in Hogwarts. However you will have missions in some surprising locations and the end game takes place in London when you work for the Ministry.
  10. Game gets extremely dark and is not made for children so it won’t be a super kid friendly game. This game is more for the fans who read the books and are now older. Expect an T or possibly M rating for he violence and dark themes.
  11. Quidditch is in the game and it’s very detailed. You can play every year. House points are in the game. A Card game is also there and we were told is as detailed as Gwent.
  12. You play as a different character at some point in the game. I believe it’s the main antagonist but I don’t know. It’s only for a few missions and the developers said will be very fun and have a big surprise.
  13. Missions as the Auror were inspired by LA Noires investigations. However there isn’t many not sure if the actual amount.
  14. There are romance options. Your character can actually marry someone and they will be your spouse in the end game. There are also companions that go on missions with you and you can command.



Hack The Planet!
Oct 21, 2019
If this is legit, it'll be a pretty interesting game, to say the least. And Hogwarts: A Dark Legacy is a pretty interesting name.


Feb 7, 2019
I just vaguely remember Harry potter game as some story trailed one. Not sure how it would look like as an RPG. I assume it may turn out better because most of the mage based games are RPG or the exploratory adventure RPG. In either case, Harry potter fits the case. Looking forward to the release.


Jun 4, 2020
Ive been looking for more information about the game but Ive only read rumors. Theres a good chance it might be fake but Id be nice if WB can make an RPG with an excellent story about the Harry Potter Universe.


Jun 2, 2020
Hard to tell if it's real or not, leaks are cool but people believe in it and others don't.

Be cool to look into it.