Happy Glass by Lion Studios - Android Gameplay Walkthrough


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Feb 7, 2019
There are many puzzle type games. And this happy glass which has total 40 levels. it can get pretty difficult to play such type of games. I have played this game and it's pretty fun to pass the time. And it can get things pretty interesting in terms of the puzzle options. So here is the gameplay to try it out.

It looks simple but it does have it's level of difficulty. It does challenge us mentally. It will enrich one's mind to find ways to solve a problem in a quick manner. It will also test our patience and determination to go beyond it's limit. I will try to look for this game and will try myself. It looks fun and entertaining. Let me see if I can hold my patience for this game. ( Ha.Ha.Ha )
Happy glass is one good game. And definitely it has some level of difficulty. I'd recommend playing it. Because you know once you get hang of it things can be pretty difficult. And there are many youtube videos that you can check out in case if you fail to manage the levels. There are many interesting levels that can be tried in there.
I honestly haven't tried playing it. But, I think, I have to try since it sounds challenging. I find games like this as something that helps our brain to work and think critically. I'm thankful that I've come across this.
Yes challenges get difficult as you move to next level. Few of the initial challenges are extremely simple. And you can quickly finish them. But later ones are a bit tough though. So overall I'd say if you are looking for brain exercise then this is something you should try out. It'd be really good for you for gameplay.

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