GTA V has shipped 130 Million Units, while RD2 sits at 31 Million


The company reported that GTA V has now shipped 130 million units. Similarly, recently released Red Dead Redemption 2 has now shipped 31 million units.

I’ve to say these games deserved it more than anyone else. Props to Rockstar for making such incredible games. On the downside, if Rockstar is benefiting so much from these titles, they might not release GTA 6 next year. Moreover, Company CEO Strauss Zelnick said that both games will be supported throughout the fiscal year.

GTA V has also gained a huge playerbase in recent days. I’ll see if there is any playerbase update on the game. The Game went free on Epic Games Store, after which the store crashed twice. Well, that had to happen, considering GTA V is the most successful game of the past decade. Rockstar store also crashed numerous times, and it continues to have problems

Source: GamesFontaine


I think the GTA is pretty much established compared to the RDR 2. So they trying to compete with the GTA is a form of a success for them. I'd say they can reach much better ahead with the new releases over the years. But too early for comparison.

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