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GTA 6 Project Americas Leaked

Martin Berisford

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Seems there might have been some leaks around GTA 6 on Reddit, someone with a friend in the industry showed them to his friend and it wasn't confirmed but it wasn't denied either. If the 'leak' is true it sounds like a bloody fantastic and next-level game for a GTA aficionado like myself and sounds like exactly the GTA game that I've been dreaming of although I'm a bit sad it's apparantly just the one player, I loved having three inter-connected story-lines in GTA V.



I think from one of the youtube videos what I have found out that those leaks are not real. And in fact they are kind of made up. So I am guessing they did it to inflate the video views.
from what I understand the current leaks are based off of a old The Know video from months ago on similar leaks. I doubt we have anything yet on GTA 6.


Yes the real leaks are yet to come out. Nobody can confirm it yet as of now unless they are from the game dev studios. That's for sure.
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