Granblue Fantasy Relink devs discuss development Progress with ideas for more Granblue Games


Dec 11, 2018
Today’s issue of Weekly Famitsu included an interview about Granblue Fantasy with producer Yuito Kimura and director Tetsuya Fukuhara, who talked about the progress of Granblue Fantasy Relink and more.

Yuito Kimura mentioned that development is moving on quietly. While he can’t provide specific details, the game has progressed to the point that it’s fun to play, and if development keeps proceeding as smoothly as it is now, he feels that the team will be able to deliver a game that will please the fans.

He also confirmed that Cygames has a set goal for a release window internally.

The two developers were also asking if there could be more games in the future using the Granblue IP.

Yuito Kimura mentioned that there are some games that they want to make, so hopefully it’ll happen at some point.

Tetsuya Fukuhara also confirmed that he has some ideas, but despite the fact that Granblue Fantasy Versus has been released, development of updates and DLC will continue for a while. On top of that, there’s the development of Relink, so he would like to focus on those two first.

Yuito Kimura added that Relink isn’t an easy game to develop, so there isn’t much that can be done in parallel with it. That being said, he’d like to work on a casual game for the franchise.

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