Gov. Tony Evers to order Wisconsinites to stay at home, will close non-essential businesses


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Dec 11, 2018
"I know this has been difficult and has disrupted the lives of people across our state," Evers tweeted. "That’s why issuing a #SaferAtHome order isn’t something I thought we’d have to do, and it’s not something I take lightly. But here’s the bottom line: folks need to start taking this seriously."

/Baldauff said Evers' order won't include strict rules like requiring anyone outside to have a doctor's note.

Under the order, people will be able to go to grocery stores, doctor's offices and pharmacies and go outside to exercise or walk a dog. But people will be required to stay at home for most other reasons and the governor noted that means "no sleepovers, no play dates and no dinner parties with friends and neighbors."

Restaurants, which were closed by the governor last week for dine-in service, will be able to continue to provide curbside takeout, according to the governor.

I'm originally from Wisconsin, so this actually hits way to close to home for me...

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