Gov. Doug Ducey fires the scientists who warn he's making a mistake by reopening Arizona


For seven weeks, Gov. Doug Ducey has assured us that his decisions to reopen the state would be based not on politics or wishful thinking or even a wing and a prayer.

Data, he has said over and over again, would be in the drivers’ seat when it comes to steering Arizona through the coronavirus.

Now Ducey has tossed a significant piece of that data – public health models that predict we could be headed toward disaster – out the window.

Just hours after Ducey announced on Monday that he’s accelerating the reopening of parts of the state’s economy, state health officials told a team of university experts to stop working on models that project what will happen next.

The universities’ models had shown that the only way to avoid a dramatic spike in cases was to delay reopening the state until the end of May.

Instead, Ducey will rely on a federal model – one we aren’t allowed to even see.

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