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Google Stadia App Surpasses 1 Million Downloads Worldwide


The Google Stadia app has been the best way to guess at the current player base of the cloud streaming games service. Google wouldn't release any official figures yet, so that's pretty much the only way we have. That's because the Google Stadia app is still mandatory when using Stadia, even if you are planning to actually play on your TV or PC instead of your phone.

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I've just setup Stadia this weekend and as much hate I've seen around this steaming device I actually really love it, yes I must admit the games are lacking but other than that it looks and plays just like I have a console at home.

I do think this will only get better in time.


1 million is pretty good number if you ask me. If this continues, they may convert into the sales as well. In fact there is a high chane that the google stadia may get better conversion than they anticipated. Because people are into lockdown so most of the game companies would perform better.


Good number, but how active are those numbers though? I know a lot said they've walked away.
I think the paying people are lot different than the sign ups. Paying people must be around 20% of the signed up. The reason being the paid people eventually leave if they don't have much value from the platform. I have seen that most of the time that seems to be the case.


GeForce Now has over 1,000,000 founders which means paying subscribers (myself included soon once my trial finishes). Quite a disappointing number from Google Stadia.


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Congrats to Stadia, I guess? But, honestly, I expected bigger numbers. Even if people weren't pleased by Stadia's performance (which, admittedly, was not the best), I still though that Google would get more downloads than 1 million.
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