Good or bad move for Square Enix ethics department on Final Fantasy 7 remake?


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May 2, 2019
I have been thinking of this and it makes sense as Square Enix ethics department advised the developers handling Final Fantasy 7 to make some adjustments on Tifa boobs so that it doesn't send the wrong signals. Don't you think it's nice?
Ethics department of the Square Enix made changes to the body of the female characters of the current and upcoming remakes. You won't be seeing anymore busty women in their games thanks to feminism. Now you can expect either flat chest or obese women in games due to their suggestions. I think in such conditions they are ruining the remakes and any future games from company.
There is nothing wrong with her redesign and there is no need for over size portions. This really isn't that kind of game to start with.
Actually there is. The attempt of feminism on gaming industry and how the design should be is what is wrong with it. Otherwise nobody minds flast chested character. But everyone minds when feminism dictates how things should be in life.

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