GOG Galaxy 2.0 now includes your gaming subscriptions


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Dec 12, 2018
GOG Galaxy 2.0 is poised to leave beta soon, but in the meantime a new update has arrived that you can download now.

Living up to its goal to be a unified launcher, GOG Galaxy now includes your gaming subscriptions. They're collected by default, too, so once you update the client you should see them appear straight away.

With the likes of Game Pass for PC and Uplay+, a lot of folks' games are now attached to subscription services, and if you're trying to juggle multiple subs, you can now see them all in one place. Download the update and you'll be able to browse and install these games just like you would with the ones you own outright.

Update 5 also lets you link multiple executables to any game, and you can customise them with your own launch parameters, too. This should be handy for modding, cheats and playing different versions of a game, like 64-bit or 32-bit variants.

Other new additions include using custom sorting titles to organise your games, UI improvements and better scrolling, as well as a bunch of fixes.

GOG announced that the new client, which has been in open beta since late last year, would soon be launching, replacing the old GOG Galaxy, but there's still no date for that yet. If you use GOG Galaxy 1.2, you won't see these changes, but anyone can update to the beta version. I highly recommend it, since it's light years ahead of its predecessor (and Steam, Epic, Origin and so on) and is largely problem free.


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