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Dec 11, 2018
Full Summary

- Godfall is a PS5 console exclusive, no PS4 or cross gen. Tailored to run on PS5

- PS5 allows Godfall to feel and play like no other game thanks to PS5 CPU and GPU

- Made by a team of 75 people

- Monster Hunter World in terms of gameplay, with elements of Dark Souls in combat.

- Some ex-Destiny 2 team members are involved

- The game rewards agressive play. Skill based combar based on timing in order to hit max damage

- Visual style and world building influenced by The Stormlight Archive, The First Law and Foundation series

- Positives around animation

- High fantasy setting divided into Eart, Air, Fire and Spirit Elements

- You are one of the least remaining Knight's Order tasked with stopping an apocolyptic event

- Start of the game you set a classed based on type of armour = 3 sets to pick from. A lot of customization to unlock as you progress

- Bosses designed to repel multiple people at once ie. in co-op bosses can take both of you out

- Game based around drop in and drop out gameplay like Destiny and Monster Hunter World with heavy Dark Souls Influence

Those are all the major points

Old info
- All players have ranged attacks at their disposal, but limited by cooldowns or charges. Godfall’s focus is about tightening up the combat circle for melee combat. Players will always have two primary melee weapons to switch between during a mission, none of which are exclusively long-range in design.

- We have a wide spectrum of weapon classes ranging from small and nimble to heavy and powerful. Players collect powerful ancient armor sets called Valorplates, which contain myriad slots for players to insert powerful Augments that influence your playstyle. For example, you might add an Augment into your Valorplate that heals you and your allies whenever you hit an enemy’s weak point for survivability, or you might insert a different Augment that summons deadly magical missiles that targets nearby enemies for soft AoE damage whenever you hit a weak point.

- The exceptionally powerful SSD on the PlayStation 5 offers a new level of detail for each individual object as well as seamless loading of our expansiveness world. Our combat is kinesthetic in nature, so the new controller’s “adaptive triggers” and haptic feedback will make moment-to-moment combat feel exhilarating and visceral.


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