Video Game God of War


The grimmer by far of the two PlayStation 4 exclusives for PS4 players, God of War is a difficult game to anoint with cheerful superlatives not because it doesn't deserve them, but because they don't really fit the mood. It is, after all, a game about a bad, violent man trying to raise a son only moderately less broken than he is. But this game really challenge you ability to solve puzzles and the action play is really unparalleled.


I guess mostly of the games these days are violent. Rarely you can find a good one action without violence and if ever there is it's probably boring. A gamer will die in a minute. ( Ha.Ha.Ha ) It will never set it's mood aggressively. Bad image always gives influence and impression of being "swag". It keeps motivating a person to do it repetitively. It is always better to be responsible and disciplinary to every choices we make.


I think god of war definitely was a worthy of winning the game of the year for PS. And also it was good game with plot and the action that people wanted to see. So it can be fun to try out those games. I personally think that some games from the same mytho line up are worth having as well.