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May 13, 2021
God of War PlotChapter 8 – Obtain a piece of Thamur’s magic chisels that can help break up the permafrost. Through entering the Valkyrie’s captivity, Kratos is able to enter many of the same areas scattered throughout Midgard that he has seen along the way.


The one who doesn’t give up

Return to the temple of the god Tyr through the magic gate to move on the trunk of the tree Yggdrasil. Kratos and Atreus return to the area where Brok’s smithy is operating to go to the center of the temple. Now, thanks to the chisel’s fragment, they were able to break the sealing ice to descend below the temple.

God of War Plot :Chapter 8 - The past coming back
Tyr’s Shrine
There they found a wall engraved with a short story about the people of the Nine Worlds who loved Tyr. Mimir also added that, in addition to him, the Giants also gave Tyr the power of magical sight.

In order to go down to the deeper levels of the temple, Kratos asked Atreus to solve the Runes as usual. However, the time when the boy wanted to show Kratos it was after everything Kratos had taught him. However, just as it started, Kratos smelled a strange scent… Both father and son focused more closely, this time a bolt of lightning struck where Kratos and Atreus were standing. Suddenly, Modi appeared and used his power to trap Kratos. When the god of war was still calm after what just happened.

God of War Plot :Chapter 8 - The past coming back
Modi appeared and traping Kratos
After running away seeing Magni dead, Modi returned to meet Thor in Asgard. He is attacked by his father for the death of his brother, so humiliating Modi finds a way to go back and kill Kratos so that no one can blame him. Successful in controlling Kratos, Modi repeatedly insults Feiya, Atreus’ mother. This drove the boy crazy and attacked him repeatedly, and he spoke of Feya as if he knew this woman well. However, Atreus grew increasingly angry, while Kratos still endured Modi’s restraint.

Atreus has fallen ill

Atreus became angrier and angrier, the boy began to radiate the same power as Kratos when the god of war lost control. However, when this happened with his weak health, Atreus gradually became exhausted and lost consciousness because he couldn’t control his strength. At this point, Kratos began to lose control when he saw his son fall.

God of War Plot :Chapter 8 - The past coming back
Atreus became angrier and angrier
In order for the power of Spartan Rage to rise, Kratos gradually approached Modi, realizing that he was in danger, the cowardly son of Thor fled to save his life. At this point, even though she wanted to chase, Mimir was able to calm Kratos to check on Atreus’s condition. According to Mimir, the boy was exhausted by his natural powers, he advised Kratos to take his son back to Freya’s place, if anyone could save his life it would be her.

God of War Plot :Chapter 8 - The past coming back
Kratos carries his son
Although he didn’t want to see Freya again because Kratos had been angry recently when he learned of her background. But in order to save his son, Kratos decided to bring him back to the goddess’s place.

On the way back to the cave below Freya’s house, the sky turned dark, and ashes flew everywhere. But something strange, when going up the cable car, they heard the trumpet call to Jörmungandr. But according to Mimir the tongue that Jörmungandr speaks now only he knows, so who is this? However, this doesn’t matter to Kratos.

The past coming back

At Freya’s door, the god of war called out her name, and he used all his strength to call for help. At first, when she didn’t know the situation, Freya still showed no interest in outside calls. But with a deep voice mixed with anxiety, Kratos loudly said that his son’s life was in danger.

Immediately opening the door, Freya looked at Kratos anxiously asking him to take the boy inside. Putting his son to bed, Kratos asked Freya to save his son, she agreed, but according to Freya, the reason Atreus fell into this state was due to natural forces or rather the Spartan Rage power that the boy had. Inherited from Kratos is increasingly rising but unable to release, making Atreus’ health situation worse and worse. And to balance this situation, Freya needed the Heart of the Bridgekeeper in Helheim as the ingredients for the potion.

God of War Plot :Chapter 8 - The past coming back
Freya tells Kratos, he need to come Helheim
Helheim is the realm of the dead, where the soul comes after leaving the body. This place is covered by eternal freeze everywhere, and Kratos’ Leviathan will be useless to those who live here. Even flames could not burn and there was no magic that could illuminate the coldness of Helheim.

However, there is one thing Kratos knows never to be extinguished. That is the Blade of Chaos, the weapon with which he destroyed many enemies and gods at Mount Olympus while in Greece. And now Kratos leaves them at home where the journey begins. Understanding this, Freya asks Kratos to use her boat to follow the currents back to where he needs to go with a mother’s promise to keep Atreus’s life safe until Kratos returns.

Before leaving Kratos also wanted to say sorry to Freya for what he did last time. However, Freya understood the feelings and reasons for those actions. She also used a spell to draw Rune symbols on Kratos’ hand to help the god of war unlock the area to travel to Helheim through.

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