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'Girl gamers' are on the rise!?


According to the BBC, the number of women playing video games is on the rise. They specifically identify this in Asian female gamers, who are growing at a faster rate than their male counterparts.

What do you think about this? What do you think the reason for this is?

I believe the popularity of female gaming YouTubers are influential regarding this, as they can broadcast to a wide range of people and show that women gamers should be taken seriously.
I think, they've been telling us for a long time that females make up roughly 50% of gamers. Are they saying females are becoming a clear majority? Or were they lying before?

Those are my thoughts.
As to the actual article, it's whatever. More women are streaming because more women are finding it to be lucrative. I've never been one to watch streams much anyway, but back in like 2015 and 2016 I spent a fair amount of time on Twitch trying to decide about it myself. And in particular I looked for girls because I waned to see if they were as bad as people were complaining about.

Personally I found that most were not. Most were not sexing it up for the camera, most were not doing anything other than playing games and building a community. Just like any streamer should. And even the "Thots" didn't bother me so much. My biggest problem with them is the semi-predatory nature of what they do and how it effects kids, but that's really more on the parents of those kids than the girls providing sex appeal on stream.


There are allot, not just gaming though, but just streaming with their boobs showing and then get allot of guys following and donating. But yeah they are allot of girls that game. I have friends that are girls and I have fun being with them :)


I've always hated that expression that girls don't play games, or the modern take that those who do are only doing it to stream and get money from guys. It's a load of crap, there are and always have been plenty of girls that game, even back in the day when I first got into gaming and it was considered a fringe activity that only nerds did, there were STILL plenty of girl gamers around! Hell, I play against and with plenty of female friends and they kick my ass in games frequently! Some of my best gaming moments have been going up against a girl that's incredibly skilled at a game and either getting close to or actually winning against them. It doesn't shock me in the least that female gamers are more present than ever, because gaming is more and more prevalent year over year than it's ever been, so of course female representation grows as the market grows, the same as male representation grows.

As for streaming, well, I don't really get into that side of things, but I've seen a fair few female streamers that are just as if not more interesting to watch while gaming than their male counterparts, and it has nothing to do with what they may or may not be wearing. So bring on more of them, if it makes gamers and gaming better! Are there those that go on stream just to show off and get donations? Of course there are! But most female streamers are legitimate gamers who are quite good at what they do and often get sexualized by their male audience and the second they wear something even remotely revealing they're called whores, sluts, and so on because they're wearing something that, if worn out and about, wouldn't get a second glance, but because they're on camera and that camera might be pointing downward from the top of a monitor (as most do), giving a bit more of an eyeful than would otherwise occur, they must be doing it for the money. It's a stupid stereotype brought about by audience members who cannot keep their eyes on the game. At the end of the day, it's no one's business how they stream or what they stream for, if you don't like them or feel they're taking advantage of weaker minded males, then move onto a different streamer! Very simple.


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Girls have always been into games. My sister had a games console long before I did. She had the Mega Drive and Mega CD back when you had to mount the two together. Eventually, they came out with a Multi-Mega or something, that looked no bigger than a personal CD player. She also had a N64, PS2 and a Dreamcast way before I did as well.


I've known plenty all my life, but it seems like they're far more willing to be visible in recent years. Back in the 2000's if a girl / woman was vocal in game chat there was invariably some ghoul who would attack them because I guess they never touched a woman before. That still happens but it feels like far less frequently.


I have no issues with girls playing gaming. In fact I support it and welcome it. But what happens on twitch like they streaming nudity and breastfeeding and asking for donation to show their skin like they do on onlyfans. Please keep the game community sane enough from this level of beggary.


What do you think the reason for this is?
It's because more females are now more accepting towards other females playing video games then they use too. So now most girls don't have to hide the fact that they play video games from their peers anymore.

ahh, I still remember the gals in the early 2000s getting outcasted from their group of gal pals simply because they shown interest in a video game or a card game. I'd then just use those outcasted girls as an opportunity to get information on the group that kicked them out which I then spilled to a group that hated their former gal pals. Lovely times those were.
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