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Gematsu: Final PlatinumGames ‘Platinum 4’ announcement set for April 1


JoyFreak Admin
Nov 16, 2018

Final PlatinumGames ‘Platinum 4’ announcement set for April 1

"Doozy" of an announcement incoming.
PlatinumGames will make the fourth and final announcement in its set of “Platinum 4” announcements on April 1, according to an update on the Platinum 4 website.
To recap, the first three announcements were the following:
  • Announcement #1: The Wonderful 101: Remastered
  • Announcement #2: Project G.G.
  • Announcement #3: PlatinumGames Tokyo
Regarding the fourth announcement, PlatinumGames executive vice president and studio head Atsushi Inaba previously said, “The last one is a secret. We’re doing something very Platinum and interesting. Look forward to it.” PlatinumGames senior vice president and game designer Hideki Kamiya said at PAX East 2020 that it will be a “doozy.”

final platinumgames gematsu platinum 4 platinumgames
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