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Gay marriage mod for Dark Souls 3


In this mod, take a romantic trip to Anor Londo to get summoned into your same-sex sweetheart's world and slay the sludge monster that ruined their life. Or if longterm commitment is more your thing, head down to cozy Darkmoon Tomb and "marry" your beloved instead.

This mod makes Anri male if the player character is male and female if the player character is female. To do it the other way around, just play the base game. The mod can be installed at any time and will affect all save files until it is uninstalled.

Only use this offline (or with Mod Engine blockNetworkAccess), and delete affected save files before going back online (or use Mod Engine useAlternateSaveFile). Any edits to params may potentially trigger permanent bans.

Here is a trailer showing off some of the changes.



A simple change but a nice one. I would presume that they don't allow any mods for online and don't want to start giving out exceptions for certain ones.
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