Gaming on the weekend

Generally speaking, weekends are a time where we as students and workers have our free time to what we enjoy most.

As your most likely a gamer, what are you planning on playing for next weekend? How to do plan to divide your time up between video games?!


I give same time as much as the weekday and avoiding giving more time. Because often that leads to addiction. And it stops us from doing other productive tasks. So that kind of makes things a bit difficult. I have noticed that spending the evening is better time for the gaming contract so far as well.


The weekends for me as the time where I can play as long as I want without having to worry about anything. It's my time to rest, relax and play some video games. I usually go with story games or a lot of CS:GO just to die from hackers. Anyway, I definitely dedicate more time during the weekends to gaming as this is a way for me to have a rest.


I would say that the weekend is actually the time of the week where I spend less time gaming lol. I do work full-time but what me and my fiance do is when we get home, we always (or most days anyway) have an hour to ourselves just to relax down after work. She likes to watch Teen Mom and other junk shows whilst I obviously want to slink away and have a game or two. Works well. At the weekends we spend the time we spent doing our own thing in the week together doing stuff whilst we have a full day. :)