Gaming deals page?


I just got an idea in my head about a page with gaming deals and things related to that. A place where members that found some awesome game deals can share what they found with the rest of the community. It can be as simple as click on "Add New Deal" button and give information about it - video game name, price, description, link, expire date, etc. I think it's a better idea than creating a thread in the forum for every single deal. Well, it's not something important but a nice feature to have. :)


Yeah this would be a fantastic idea in my opinion. I vote yes for this. Maybe a sub-forum in gaming. Doesn't have to take up it's own section. @JoyFreak might want the site to grow a bit more first but maybe sometime down the road if not now would be a fantastic idea.


Thank you for your suggestion but everything that is related to gaming, at large, can go in the Gaming Forum. Feel free to share any gaming deals in that forum with the community!