Gaming Chair recommendation


Good day,
I want to buy a gaming chair in the near future, but unfortunately I do not know the subject so well. Maybe someone of you can recommend a good gaming chair? I myself have only ever used an office chair in recent years. According to this Page, the gaming chair Acracing is very good. Can anyone confirm that?

I would be very happy about answers and help. Thank you in advance

PS: Sorry for my bad english, i am from germany
If I were you, I would try and see if there is a store in your area that would sell gaming chairs and try them out, not everyone likes the same kind of chair.


Hi KarlMaurer , those gaming chairs look good but I agree with the above. I would definitely visit a store that sell gaming chairs and try them out, see what one you feel comfortable in as each individual has a different preference.
Compare with other brand such as DxRace, AkRacing, Ewins, Clutch etc. Saying Andaseat is more comfortable, better quality, better lumbar and neck pillow support, faster delivery, better service etc