GameSpot: Rainbow Six Siege Review (2020)


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Dec 11, 2018
More than four years after the game's release, Rainbow Six Siege has evolved into not only a compelling shooter but one of the best examples of the genre.
Siege's character development has been built over the past four years, as Ubisoft has improved its tactical team-based shooter from something that had a great base to start with into one of the best multiplayer experiences. Each new season has brought new reasons to keep playing Siege without it ever feeling stale. The introduction of new operators obviously brings new abilities to use or contend with, but it often changes how previous operators are viewed and approached as well--older characters have been given a new lease on life by becoming excellent counter-picks to newer DLC operators.
Siege has had its fair share of missteps, though the game we have today has ironed out many of them. Ubisoft has proven itself receptive and expeditious when it comes to dealing with the game's issues, at times having removed entire gadgets--and the operator Clash--when gamebreaking exploits were found and abused. While it was disappointing to be without deployable shields for an extended period of time, it helped create an environment where cheaters couldn't prosper and ultimately resulted in Siege becoming a stronger game.
Rainbow Six Siege has always been a game about making tactical decisions and dealing with their consequences, but with every new year of operators and changes, the options have been refined and increased to make for firefights that are as engaging as they are unpredictable. Learning the various operators and how to breach or protect a room with them can be a slow crawl, but Siege makes it easy to understand what your mistakes are, thanks in part to seeing both sides of every match. It rewards patience, persistence, and teamwork, and over the past four years, Siege has not only become Ubisoft's crown jewel of multiplayer action but also one of the best first-person shooters ever made.


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