GameSpot: New Nintendo Switch Now Available For $270 In Ebay's Huge Gaming Sale



$280 vs $300? Not really a good deal. I mean, $100 off would have been good. More than that would have been super-awesome. Anyway, what do you consider a good discount for consoles? What have you bought discounted? How much was the discount?

Anyway, the biggest time for discounts would be the Black Friday deals. Well, that's true if we are speaking of the United States, my home. How about your nation? When is the discount sales?

O.K., does anyone consider the Switch price, which is normally $300, to be too much? Well, it would be for someone with a low income. However, it's pocket change for anyone making over $1000 a month.


I think 280$ USD is pretty expensive. And the thing is that considering the platform like Nintendo Switch Lite is not much worth investing into anymore.
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