rallies in fight against COVID-19


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Dec 12, 2018
"Games have an important role in raising awareness of the challenges the world is currently facing," said Dr Richard Hatchett, CEO of Coalition of Epidemic Preparedness Innovations.

"Only through a concerted, global response -- with the private sector working together with Governments and philanthropies, pooling resources and expertise -- can we hope to stop such emerging epidemic threats." is compiling all of the industry's relief efforts; below is an alphabetised list that will be regularly updated.

I am not sure where this covid funds and charity may go. But I am pretty much sure there will be lot of scams that may come out and get the money off the peoples funding. So in such context you can see that though this may appear good in context may not be reliable on charity side.
You know it really interest me how much 343 Industries and Bungie made put together. Over $500K. That's not half that bad. I remember seeing the relief and recovery pack in the Halo 5:Guardians game. It's a good thing the community is working together to fight this pandemic. There's not much you would be able to do without a strong sound community. That in turn makes it possible for so much more to happen. Shout outs to them.

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