Games to be announced this year...


Dec 12, 2018
  • Spiderman 2 (2021 release)
  • Assassins creed (codename: Ragnarok (or Kingdom). 2020 release) [could be delayed due to covid19]
  • Batman (fall 2020 release, could be delayed due to covid19)
  • Harry Potter RPG (2021 release)
  • Rocksteady next game (2021 release) details are slim on this. but said to be "revolutionary" and "platform defining" for next gen. Not batman. DC related 100%.
  • fable "4" (2021 release) to be revealed at Microsoft digital game event this summer. a "soft" reboot.
  • forza motorsport 8 (2020 release and xbox series x launch title).
  • star wars (codename: Maverick. 2020 release) a rogue squadron style game. Vehicle battles.
  • resident evil 8 (2021 release) will feature strong focus on VR support but not VR exclusive.
  • peaky blinders game. (2021 release).
  • new AAA Marvel project from Avalanche Studios. (just cause creators).
  • new AAA Marvel project from NetherRealm (mk and injustice devs).