Games similar to Contra?


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Feb 7, 2019
Do you like those scrolling runner action games like Contra. I know that contra has been remade plenty of times. And it's been a time since games like that are coming mainstream. I mean this year no such game was launched so we are forced to go back into the old retro titles for contra like games.

Have you played any such contra like action game?
No i haven't but i love to play the old Contra once again. There are many sites which allows us to play the old Contra game and i played it once.
Old Contra has plenty of emulator mods that you can check out. I recently checked out similar game series named Metal Wings. Its pretty much same but more characters to choose from. It's worth checking out.

I played the old contra and it was pretty fun going from one phase to another. The running shooter is always smart to kill enemies that on the road. It's not always easy as you moved from one level to another.
Even the new contra updates are good. Like those new enemies and also option for jumping and finding your way out of small tunnels and the houses. I think that new contra has got a lot more content in it at this pace. But they don't want to get into better graphics as of yet though.

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