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Nov 21, 2017
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Trueprime here,I am the owner and founder of GamersAuctions at, and I want to explain what GamersAuctions is and why this platform was created. I am a guy who happens to love video games and business. For many years I have bought,sold and traded game accounts on other 3rd party sites and applications. The problem I had with some of these sites,it seemed that they lost their passion for gaming that got them started in the first place. Also another major problem that I faced was the time-frame for customer service. Let me go into a more detailed explanation. When I sold on other platforms, It took forever to receive my payments. No-one deserves to wait weeks and months to receive their payments, this is my opinion I strongly believe in. I understand that there should always be security involved when buying/selling/trading any account,items,boosting or services. GamersAuctions is designed to provide secure tools and a platform so that members can buy/sell/trade securely. I will discuss this in the sections below.

What Is GamersAuctions
GamersAuctions is a global digital marketplace that connects buyers and sellers for gaming products, keys, codes, accounts and services. We are dedicated to protecting Player-2-Player Account Transactions. It is our mission to work hard everyday to maintain the best security and provide an enjoyable marketplace.

Why Is GamersAuctions Secure
GamersAuctions records user registrations by ip and cookies. This means when a member registers on our site, we know exactly what device and location they are registering from. For those that try to use VPN to hide their true locations, our system detects it and sends us an alert to notify that these may be high risk registrations. Honesty is the number one major tool to make our platform work correctly. GamersAuctions is ran on a secure network, to protect your payments securely. This means that your payment details are protected against fraudulent links that may steal and abuse your information.

What About Members That Try To Scam Me
GamersAuctions is a trust based community and marketplace. This means you are responsible in how you perform your actions. All of our threads are monitored by our staff and our members. This means anyone who is trying to use our platform to scam or fraud another member will be banned and will receive a fine up to $150 USD. We take security very seriously as we aim to protect all our members from fraudsters.

Verified and Paid Memberships
We provide a Verified membership, this includes a badge showing proof that the member has been properly verified. These are members that are more likely to be safe to deal transactions with. We advise that you should be careful with who you do your transactions with directly. Verified members or above are members you can put more trust into. These are paid memberships and you can upgrade your account anytime in the Upgrade tab. For Verified membership, you will need to provide GamersAuctions with a legal id or document that is valid and your proof of address. To contact for this verification you need to contact GamersAuctions after you have purchased your membership. GamersAuctions will contact you once your account has been upgraded.

Feedback System
GamersAuctions has a built in feedback system that is similar to Ebay and Amazon. This means that buyers,sellers,traders can leave feedbacks for each other. This system however is only to be used for legit feedbacks and not to be abused. This means that you must provide the url thread for the product that the feedback is in reference to. Keep in mind we have admins that will monitor suspicious feedback activity and if you are found abusing the system, you will receive a warning on your account. Those that continue to violate this system will be banned.

Our mission is to work hard every day to maintain a safe and secure marketplace. We also added other product categories and services for those of you that wish to build your own game sites or channels. Included in this will be graphics works such as logo,videos,images etc. Website design and SEO. Any members that want to offer these services can sell them on our platform. If you have any questions, feel free to comment. We hope you choose GamersAuctions as your new marketplace home :cool:

We are still adding extra developments, and GA is a brand new site, so if anyone is interested in joining our team for this development you can contact me directly as well. Contact me at [email protected] or you can pm me here.
Special thanks to the JoyFreak staff for allowing me to post this here (y) @Zuse special thanks to you to :giggle: