Gamers are lonely people. What do you think?

I get lonely all of the time, as I suffer from anxiety, but I have no social life. In fact, I hardly even go on public transport anymore. At least not by myself.

I also cannot be bothered with the Internet much anymore. It's just something there to kill time. But it ends up consuming all of your time, if you let it. It's also kind of toxic. It's also dead, because forums hardly receive any active users.

As far as gaming goes, I prefer single player horror games. Of which they seem to now be a dying breed. But they do come along. Just kind of infrequently. You know?
It really is just an opinion, if you think about it that same opinion can be said about anything.
1. People who smoke are lonely
2. People who drink are lonely
3. People who draw are lonely
4. People who write are lonely
5. People who hike are lonely

It really all sounds the same, but then again that is just my opinion.
Anyone can be lonely. Whether that’s gamers or not.
I think everyone can be susceptible to being lonely. I don't think Gamers as a whole are lonely. I would say that many are "loners" where they can be the time to prefer to be alone to recharge rather than be out and about partying with other people.
To me, Resident Evil fans are rather awkward. Many of them suck up to Capcom way too much. So I would rather be alone than comply with what they say. :D

Chris looks and behaves in a strange way now. :p
I don't think gamers are lonely people and I think especially with how mainstream gaming has come with streaming and whatever I think it's more popular than ever. I think bad movies from the 90s have given off the impression that gamers are sweaty, fat people in basements.
it's also dead, because forums hardly receive any active users.
The internet is "dead"? How's that? There are billions of other sites besides just forums. And, lots of forums still get tonnes of activity.

I have extreme social anxiety and paranoia. But it doesn't bother me when I'm on-line and 99% of the games I play are on-line (MMOs, PvP shooters, etc).
The Australian guy on is still deflecting and being sarcastic, and a humongous arsehole. ?

Nothing unusual then. ?
The question posed by the original poster is open to conjecture. According to this systematic review and meta-analysis (2022), the findings are inconclusive with respect to video games causing loneliness for participants engaging in this activity. If you believe you are experiencing loneliness as the result of video gaming, then perhaps you should confide in someone you trust, or connect with a mental health professional who may be able to assist you.

I would never trust the opinions of laypersons at some message board. At least my post presents peer-reviewed literature for you to review. Good luck.

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