Gamers and backpain

Hey everyone, as a gamer myself I’m currently trying to figure out how one could make the lives of gamers a lot easier.

Two questions for my fellow gamers out there:

1.) As a gamer, are you experiencing issues with backpain? If yes, what are your biggest limitations because of it?

2.) Regarding backpain, what would you wish for more than anything else? Have you tried to fix it already?

Write your answers below, I’m curious and looking forward to them. :x



1) No, not necessarily. Sometimes when I play games (usually on the PS4), I end up with a slightly painful neck, but not my back.
2) Theoretically, if I had back pain, I'd want a good gaming chair with excellent lumbar support.
I do have back pain, but its more of a family issue and from me never picking things up right.

and I have gone to a chiropractor to get myself realigned.