Game Maker's Toolkit: Anatomy of a DOOM Eternal Fight


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Dec 11, 2018
A DOOM Eternal combat encounter might only last five minutes, but they’re five, utterly intense minutes: filled with quick movement, smart decision making, and more. In this episode of GMTK, I’m going to break down just one fight in the game to see how it works, and how it makes players act.

Spoiler Warnings

This video shows a combat encounter from the game's 11th level, Nekravol Part II, and so may spoil some weapons and enemies from the latter part of the game. No major story spoilers are included.

It gives a overview of the various types of weapon and also the typical gameplay with it. So yeah the spoilers are definitely not there. So safe to view for those who want to check out those items before they play. I think overall game is no brainer purchase especialy for those who are playing the series for years.

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