Game Idea: Kingdom Hearts MMORPG


Feb 12, 2021




This is a hypothetical MMO taking place in the same world as Kingdom Hearts. It functions as an instance-based hunting game where players go through various environments doing platforming challenges, obstacle courses, and of course fighting enemies and bosses most with branching paths and collectables throughout. This game combines gameplay elements from across the series, including spin offs.


This game takes inspiration from Kingdom Hearts, Monster Hunter, Super Mario 3d World, Rayman 3, and Spyro.



This story takes place in a realm beyond the one we know. In this realm, all of civilization is powered by magic, all magic is powered by emotions. In the days long past, magic was a scarce and volatile resource as a result of humanity’s diverse nature and the circumstances of daily life. One day, they discovered a way to harness a reliable and plentiful source of magic by creating worlds modeled after stories. However, if left unattended, these worlds would become corrupted and start producing a dangerous and uncontrollable magic that threatened all around it. As a result, young warriors with the power to summon Keyblades were sent into these worlds and rectify whatever was threatening their stability. This time, you were chosen.




L Stick: Movement

R Stick: Camera

A: Attack

B: Jump

X: Block

Y: Reaction

LB: Lock Target

RB: Shotlock

LT: Strike Commands

RT: Magic Commands

Pad: Selection



The user can move throughout the world using various jumps, land and aerial maneuvers, and Special commands. The user must also take advantage of the environment to get to various points through the use of gimmicks and objects, some of which require a specific command to make use of. Some obstacles also can only be exceeded by using specific commands.


With the Abilities equip between Missions, the user has diverse range of combat and traversal capabilities. The user can utilize basic attacks and combos using the Attack Input, these can be further supplemented by using combo finishers and mid-combo attacks through using the Block Input. Most direct attacks can be neutralized or even countered by either hitting them with an attack or with a Block Input. Shotlocks are precise projectile attacks that at their most basic launch many homing projectiles at multiple enemies, but there are variants. Shotlocks draw upon a FP, gained by hitting enemies with attacks, as their resource. Between Missions, the user can use the Command Board to fill slots that when using the corresponding input. Magic Commands utilize MP in the Player Character’s stockpile, and Strike Commands require a cooldown period after use. A Command Board for Items can be utilized by holding both inputs. By using the Selection Input, the user can exchange their Attack Input for things such as Special Commands, Summons, Limit Brakes, and Form Changes.

Special Commands often involve things outside of battle such as manipulating certain gimmicks, objects, or the environment in a certain way, enabling the Player Character to traverse the environment in a new way, or to access areas not possible otherwise.

Summons involve making a particular character from a particular world and utilizing their abilities as the users in exchange for all of the user’s MP.

Datas are autonomous constructs of characters from each story unlocked through progression. Up to 2 can be used at any time.

Limits are special high-damage attacks that can be used as a combo between the Player and a Data that modify their primary Attack, their Reaction Input, and end in a powerful Finisher. These take all of the user’s FPs.

Form Changes are transformations specific to each keyblade that change the user’s primary abilities and current commands to specific unique ones, sometimes endowing them with unique passives.


If the Player engages the multiplayer lobby, they can create and join rooms where many players can gather. When one begins the “Prepping” phase of a Mission, up to 3 other players can join to assist them, however, Datas can’t be used while at least 2 are present. Players can use True Limits and True Finishers provided at least one has unlocked one.



In this game, the Player Character themselves doesn’t level up, but the keyblades they use do. When a Keyblade levels up, the Player Character gains stat boosts, armor and accessory slots. Abilities and Commands unlocked can be equipped with any Keyblade.


The Player starts with the Kingdom Key but can unlock more through progression. Depending on the Player’s equipped Abilities, they can even equip and/or use more than one Keyblade at once.


By Mixing, the Player can create the most effective equipment, items, and stat upgrades. The Player can also Mix materials with their Commands to increase their efficiency relative to the Level and Stats.


Mission Structures​

Course Missions​

The Player must traverse an environment within a mission, defeating enemies along the way. The Player must complete various platforming challenges and puzzles as they go, often collecting items throughout.

Task Missions​

The Player must accomplish a specified task while staying within the guidelines presented such as a time limit, tagging specific targets, or gathering needed items. There is usually some manner of opposition the Player must mitigate throughout.

Arena Missions​

The Player must defeat one or more teams of predetermined enemies. The consequences for failure aren’t as severe, but the task of doing so may be more difficult.

Game Mission​

A Mission involving mechanics beyond standard gameplay. The Player’s reward is often scaled with their performance in the minigame.

Boss Mission​

The Player must defeat a specific high-powered enemy. These enemies do not appear in normal gameplay and as such offer unique rewards.


Kingdom Key​

Lv. 99 = 1000 Exp.

Strength: 1 (x110%)

Magic: 1

Ability: Draw

Strike Commands​

Lv 5 Quick Blitz: Perform a jumping attack.

Lv. 10: Rising Strike: Smack enemies high into the air.

Lv. 15 Sliding Dash: Punish faraway enemies with a charging attack.

Lv. 20 Quick Raid: Throw the Keyblade at the enemy once.

Magic Commands​

Lv. 3 Fire: Launches a dart of flame at an enemy.

Lv. 8 Ice: Launches a shard of ice at an enemy.

Lv. 12 Thunder: Calls down a bolt of lightning on an enemy.

Lv. 18 Cure: Heals either the user or an ally.


Lv. 1 Jump: Press the Jump Input to leap into the air.

Lv. 23 Guard: Press the Input to raise the Keyblade for a brief moment to deflect enemy attacks from the front.

Lv. 2 Dodge Roll: Press the input while moving to temporarily become invulnerable to enemy attacks.

Lv. 28 Scan: View an enemy’s HP gauge during battle.

Lv. 32 Draw: Attract Prizes from a distance.

Meteor Shower​

Lv. 16 Lock onto multiple foes and launch small, star-like projectiles at targets in a volley.

Arms of Awakening​

Lv. 21 Gain different attacks depending on the currently equipped weapon. Rotate with the Magic and Strike inputs.

Sword of Awakening:

Attack: Endless combo.

Defend: Hold to charge a thrust attack that deals multiple hits to a single impacted foe.

Shotlock: Levitate upward and divebomb a foe.

Shield of Awakening:

Attack: Charge forward while being invulnerable.

Guard: Spin towards enemies and fling them upward.

Shotlock: Throw the shield and rebound off multiple foes.

Staff of Awakening:

Attack: Launch magical orbs at enemies that fling them upward.

Guard: Create a firework that homes in on foes and explodes in a radius.

Shotlock: Hold to create a circle surrounding the user and release it to explode in a radius depending on how long it was held.