Game Difficulty: How hard is too hard?


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Dec 25, 2018
How hard is too hard? Spending an hour or two hours on the same section?

For me when it takes at least an hour to beat a section, that can be classified as ‘hard’.
I agree, depending on it though but most levels are set up that if it isn't done in 1-2 hours, you got yourself a learn and grind.
I have been stuck with some of the games in the past. And it was like playing it for months and stuck on some levels for weeks. So it depends on how we handle the simple or the hard levels in such section. Some games are good and easy to work with as well.
I would go with the 4th option - stuck on the same section for a few hours. I think it's not that hard if it takes maximum to 1 hour to beat it. But after that, the time starts to stack up fast and it feels like a grind.
I will admit that sometimes I get stuck mostly because I've been playing too long and just been getting too flustered.

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