Game Development For Beginners


Jan 1, 2022
Build Your Own Games.Everyone wants to know more about it. Except there's one problem. Nobody teaches it.:cry::cry:
That's where we come in!:sneaky:

To get involved in the Game Development process, you do not need to write code. Artists may create and design assets, while a Developer might focus on programming a health bar. A Tester may get involved to see that the game works as expected.

To resolve problems that game frameworks had, tools like libGDX and OpenGL were developed. They helped game development to be a lot faster and easier, providing lots of pre-made functions and features.


However, it was still hard to enter the industry or understand a framework for someone coming from a non-programmer background, a common case in the game development scene.

That was when game engines like Construct, Game Maker, Unity and Unreal were developed. Generally, an engine has everything that a framework had, but with a more friendly approach by using a graphic user interface (GUI) and helping with the graphic development of the game.

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