Funcom's Dune Video Game Is Still Years Away


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The video game company Funcom recently released a new 2019 financial report, in which they confirmed that their Dune open-world multiplayer game is still a few years away from being released.

"The biggest, most exciting and most ambitious of our projects is without a doubt the DUNE open-world survival game we’re working on, after having secured the exclusive rights for PC and Console games with this fantastic IP," Funcom CEO Rui Casais said in the report. "It’s a game that is still a few years away and will be a more ambitious and robust version of Conan Exiles set in the DUNE universe, designed to be a game as a service from the outset."



I remember the old DUNE. But never thought that DUNE right now would move ahead consiering they have not done anything over the years. But all the best to them on this journey.

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