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New member
Feb 1, 2019
I guess we're gonna have a little discussion on how we treat a game, because ending is that would be kind of short when we put some bucks into it but yeah the term free to play and pay to win they're pretty self explanatory. Gamers when they pay a lot of money so they have advantages that people who don't pay money have this is pretty much a parent in almost every single mobile game I have played you can pay to speed up progress you can pay to get maybe of the items are units that other people can't get without money. I have nothing against those people that is buying gems, avatar, armours and weapons etc. In the end it is how you are satisfied on how you play a game.


Feb 1, 2019
Just like what I have mentioned on a different thread, I don't spend money on games so, I'm definitely for the former. It's okay for people to earn points and use it for clues or hints or other items that can be used within the game but purchasing them so you could advance to the next level and eventually, win the game is not my cup of tea. But, I'm not taking it against those who do it. They're free to do what they want. I guess it's just not my preference.