FPS vs MMO vs Builders - Which of these genre of games do you prefer to play?


Mar 27, 2019
I know we all have our favorite style of games and in the early gaming days i loved FPS based games but as time went on a friend introduced me to a popular MMO we alll know very well ( WoW ) then got converted, after being involved in MMO based games i never really looked back at FPS based games due to fact that the worlds were larger so much to do and take part in. to this day i have play various MMOs with world of warcraft and elder scrolls online being my 2 favorites, i have enjoyed playing Tera (free to play mmo game) but not as much content as the other 2 and have tested and played others too.

I do enjoy builder games aswell such as planet coaster and city: skylines has some element of fun and creativity though MMO based games still stand quite high with me.

So all in all i love MMO based games that have plenty of content in this gaming genre.

What do you prefer to play and why? give us a little background as to why you made this choice i am interested to see what we love out of these genre based games
I've voted for FPs which is also known as "First Person Shooting". I enjoy fast paced action and the aspect of survival whilst killing others! A great video gaming genre to play.
My favourite from those listed above should be MMO/MMORPGs. They are my absolutely favourite genre when it comes to video games, I just can play one all the day and not get bored. Grinding might not seem interesting to some people but it's not that bad at all. For a second pick I have to go with FPS games as I play CS:GO every day but there are a lot of problems with cheaters, griefers, trollers and whatnot. I guess it's the 3rd position for city builders.
If you want to play the game for short term then the FPS can be a good start. I think MMO is good if you want to spend time churning the game trying to get the game on the proper way to compete. In case you have to be very patient with the games. And the builders are kind of different something I'd not compare.

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