Fortnite Season 11 Black Hole live event


I am not sure what happened with fortnite and all we see is black screen. Any idea on about this stuff. Is it technical error or the game is dead on server or something?


Paradox of Nothingness
Ended up being the episode 2 for the game series, though I wonder if its still possible to access the black hole?

I don't think you can anymore - now we have Fortnite Chapter 2. I wonder what the end-of-season live event will be! Should be quite interesting.

xenonVirus. Can you believe that Fortnite actually managed to get people off their screens for a whole 2 days? Incredible!
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It was amazing to see the live event happen in real-time. I waiting on the black hole screen for a little while thinking that it might change up eventually after a few hours but in the end, just turned it off. I'm glad I did because that event took a while to end. Chapter 2 is good but I lost interest in the game. COD came out and just feels so much less grindy.
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