Fortnite Gets A ‘Cool’ New Trap With Update 6.1


Fortnite Patch v6.1 is now live bringing with it a new Battle Royale trap that’s sure to give your unwary opponents cold feet. The new Chiller Trap is a common trap that can be placed on floors, walls, and even ceilings. Triggering the trap gives enemies and allies icy feet and causes them to slide around the map like the burglar in Home Alone 2.

Save The World players will also be getting shiny new weapons, the Lead Sled Hammer, a fast-swinging hammer that gains attack speed with each hit, and the Obliterator Sniper Rifle, a slow-firing rifle with massive damage. Both weapons will be available in the Weekly Store from October 3rd 8pm ET to October 10th 8PM ET.

More options have been added to Playground Mode which is still the currently available LTM. There’s also improvements and bug fixes for gameplay, audio, and the UI. Read through the full patch notes on the Fortnite official site. You can also check out the new Chiller Trap in action in the video after the jump.