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Oct 4, 2022
Hello all!

I wanted to get on here and start a thread that allowed me to post on here either daily or every few days about my journey with a brand new gaming/streamer product my team and I are launching. I want to document the steps we are taking, the progress we make, and get feedback from the many users of this forum who have valuable insight that can be used for constructive criticism. I want to be completely transparent about the steps we are taking, various strategies, and our costs to make this happen. We are starting this from the ground up with no outside money. Please allow me to share my journey with you all.

To start, I want to say that my team and I are very well-connected in the esports space and friends with many organizations that are key to help us make this product a success.

Our goal is to help streamers, pro players, organizations, and content creators earn more playing the games they love. Large companies such as Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook are taking significant chunks of revenues and it’s not fair. This needs to end and there’s a reason a lot of the top streamers are leaving Twitch for other platforms. NOW is the time to help these individuals make gaming their full-time gig, and we will do everything we can to help.

To get into the actual product, it’s going to be an innovative tipping solution that has several unique selling points that separate us from others:

1. We will be offering both fiat AND crypto tips to streamers. There are services out there that offer crypto tipping OR fiat tipping, but do not offer both in the same widget.

2. We will be the absolute FIRST tipping platform that will allow streamers the ability to earn PASSIVE income, even when they are not streaming. This is massive for this space.

3. Streamers AND tippers will have their own dashboards where they can login and see all of their data. Streamers can see how much they’ve been tipped today, for the month, the year, print tax reports, they can see who has tipped them, and more. Streamers will have a similar dashboard that will shows who they have tipped, how much, etc.

4. We are able to be integrated into any of the gaming platforms: Twitch, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok. And tippers can go to the streamer’s personalized URL to tip them directly outside of their streaming channel.

I wanted this first post to be more of an introduction into what my team and I are doing. The following posts will go more into detail about who we are hiring for design work, development, beta testing, ads, hype video, and everything else. I will post tomorrow giving more info on our team and our design process for UX and UI.

Thank you to all who will tune in on my journey and help me along the way. I will be as transparent as possible through all of this in hopes that I can help to motivate others to move forward with their own initiative!!

Thank you!

Overview of Our Team

I don't know how much detail I'm allowed to get into, so I won't mention any names and will use abbreviations instead. I think knowing the team behind the product is important, and like I mentioned in the previous post, I want to be as transparent as possible. I will make team changes as time goes on, but I will start with the team we have now and work from there.

First, we have our CEO who has owned a significant esports organization in the past and is well-connected in the space. He has managed many professional teams across Overwatch, Rainbow 6, Valorant, Rocket League, Fortnite, Wild Rift, and more. He has built a 7-figure ecommerce business in the past and has proven he can build strong teams and businesses from the ground up.

Second, we have an Advisor who is an equity owner of the parent company. His background and resume within esports, public accounting, and cryptocurrency is wildly impressive. Not only is he one of the youngest partners of Deloitte in China, he was also one of the first investors into FaZe Clan, which is one of the largest esports organizations in the world. His connections inside of the gaming space will be critical for the success of the tipping system.

Third, we most recently brought on a massive entrepreneur who has built and exited multiple 8-figure businesses in the tech industry. In one of his ventures, he built up the user base to 65 million users before exiting. With a true focus on user experience and user interface, this addition to the team will help us make sure that both tippers and streamers are given a great experience while using our product. I had to pay this individual $xx,xxx to be part of this tipping system launch, but he's a perfect fit for what we are trying to do and has built businesses in the past that are similar enough to ours that we think will allow us to replicate those previous results.

Lastly, we have our development team that has created hundreds of smart contracts in the crypto space and has an in-house design team that is great. We paid them $20,000 to do the part of the process where the fiat and crypto tips coming in are automatically converted into the cryptocurrency that will generate the streamers passive income. This is a huge component to the entire concept. They are also developing the tipper and streamer dashboards that I mentioned in the first post. The aforementioned member of our team that is diligent when it comes to user experience and user flow is working alongside this team to create the landing page and various pages that both streamers and tippers will visit while navigating through our technology. This added development and design work cost us $2,900.

That's the core of our team for this single product. Each person brings their own unique experience and specialization to the team that will make this successful.

I want to note that we are looking to launch V1 of this tipping platform to a small group of 10 streamers inside of our community for alpha testing. We should be going live in the middle of this month and will keep track of that progress here in this thread. Things have been moving very quickly, so there will be something to update almost every day leading up until launch!!
I read your both posts, very impressive and I waiting for your live session. Where it will be? Because I want to get every detail about this new launch.
I read your both posts, very impressive and I waiting for your live session. Where it will be? Because I want to get every detail about this new launch.
We will do it soon. If you're interested, DM me and I'll send there so I don't spam a link here!
This week, we will be launching our Alpha product to an initial group of 10 testers. V2 is underway and should be releasing before the end of the month. Even though THAT will be our optimal user experience and interface, we are comfortable enough with our Alpha to start pushing it out for initial feedback! I will post some screenshots of the UI and user flow when my partner sends them over :)

With that said, we are still building out our admin panel that will serve as a CRM, storing streamer and tipper data so that we can see everything on the backend. The only other thing we are in the process of, is finalizing a partnership with an off-ramp so that our streamers can easily and quickly cash out their crypto to fiat with as few steps as possible so that we don't scare anybody off. We are in talks with Wyre, Silver Gate, Mt Pelerin, Prime Trust, and KriptoRamp. Making all processes as user-friendly and simple/quick as humanly possible has been our focal point for this whole project, as it has been one of the primary things that has contributed to our success in other tech businesses in the past.

Less priority, we are looking for a partner for a wallet. We COULD onboard all of our streamers onto MetaMask or Trust Wallet, but we're looking to build a relationship within this niche that has a secure product and maybe get some kind of value returned for our business as a whole. MM and TW are alright, but there are superior products out there that just haven't gotten the notoriety yet that we can take advantage of. I will keep updating on this as well, as we are in talks with a few providers.

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