Flowerhorn Aquarium - A Realistic Fish Aquarium iOS game


Apr 13, 2020
Flowerhorn Aquarium

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Grow your Flowerhorn fish from a baby fish to adult fish with 5 different Flowerhorn fish variations, and feed them the right food to grow them into a Flowerhorn fish of your preference.

Flowerhorn Aquarium is a 3D simulation aquarium game that mimics the famous freshwater champion fish, Flowerhorn fish. Flowerhorn Aquarium features realistic graphics, with outstanding lighting and natural fish animation. In addition, it plays along with relaxing music to calm and relieve from your daily stress.

Customize your aquarium with different aquarium plants, along with beautiful underwater wood, river rocks, and aquarium fine sands to create a phenomenal, state-of-art scene.

Unlock more aquarium ornament items and Flowerhorn fish by feeding your fish. You’ll gain hearts when you treat your fish well. In return, the gained hearts rewards you unlocking more bonus items in the game.

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