I wanted the Dreamcast because of that Jet Set Radio game. It looked really cool. The also had some Sonic game I wanted too. Also I wanted the Xbox because you were able to listen to music and play games simultaneously. The games also looked better on the Xbox as well. I remember playing NBA2K and the characters having a lot more detail on the Xbox version than the PS2 version.

And I would like a PS4 so I can play uncharted. But I rarely game anymore and at the time the Xbox One Media functionally shitted on the PS4 so I went with it.
What I really want to do is build/buy a gaming PC. I consider all of them as my gaming platform.


You should go for it if you really want it. I never really considered building a gaming PC too much but it sounds fairly interesting.


I'd say go for something that has longer shelf value. I try to buy games and the consoles with that logic. I try to avoid making use of the small term games or the consoles. Because that does not add much value in overall purchase.