Ferentus/Herrcot/Xiones MMORPG FHX Restoration


Jan 14, 2023
There is a very oldschool game called Ferentus (MMORPG) brought back to life under the name of FHX Restoration. The projectname FHX Restoration is a combination of different versions of the very popular game back in the days under the name of Ferentus, Herrcot or Xiones. It was a free to play medievel gothic fantasy 3D MMORPG and originally released in 2005. For many people this game was one of their best childhood memories and we were all sad when Ferentus did suddenly shutdown the server. I’ve searched for years hoping this game would ever come back and now the game is revived, I'm looking for people to give it a try (again).

Instead of just focusing on one area of fantasy, FHX combines western fantasy, Asian martial arts, and science fiction into one game. The result is a beautiful world that is full of imagination. It has many various features such as a mercenary system, GvG fights (at the moment we have 2 leading guilds; Dejavu and Rise, but we’re hoping on some diversity), PvP, whole questlines and daily quests, many skills to unlock and there's already a small international community waiting for you to welcome you in game and help you out!

You can choose from following classes;
- Wizard
- Cleric
- Warrior
- Paladin
- Archer
- Summoner
- Knight

Hope to see you soon in game!

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