Favorite videogame trilolgy?


A group of games made by the same developer. There are many to pick from, but for me it would have to be the Bioshock series. All three of them have a unique atmosphere, memorable characters and creative gameplay. The first one has one of the best plot twists in all media, the second one has a unique and multilayered narrative, and Infinite still remains as my favorite gaming experience of my life. Which series is your pick?
Bioshock ia a good example (because al of them are pretty good), but... Personally, I don't have a favorite vídeo game trilogy. To be honest, I guess I never stopped to think about it, haha!


I think DOOM, Serious Sam, Darksiders, etc. These are some of the good games that are out in the market. In fact compared to most of the series, you may find some really good progress. New dawn pretty much destroyed the regular gaming norms and it was worst at it's best. So I won't include that series here either.