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JoyFreak Frequently Asked Questions


Welcome to JoyFreak, a place where gamers come together to discuss their favorite video games and consoles while getting to know other video game enthusiasts.

Our aim is to become the most tight-knit, longstanding and lively gaming community online. We like to do this by creating an inviting community that share the same interests, building bonds with one another from all over the world and generally having a good time. We would like JoyFreak to be the central point for people from all over the world who are enthusiastic about gaming and everything else around that. We put a lot effort in being fair and reasonable with our moderation to bring you a safe environment to be in.

This thread will outline some of the frequently asked questions that we’ve been receiving. Please bear in mind that we’ve put great effort into making this thread as detailed as possible. If you feel like we have missed an important detail, please use the Feedback forum to highlight this.


We would like to encourage our users to take advantage of the prefix system we have in place. The prefix system allows you to apply pre-defined options to individual threads which is displayed before the thread title. This allows the user to easily identify groups of threads based on their prefix. When viewing a forum, users can filter based on individual prefixes. We use prefixes for:
  • Allowing users to select the type of discussion they’re looking for (video games, platforms, etc.).
A thread may have one or more prefix at any time.

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