Fallout 76 new patch have been a bit of a mess


A recent patch for Fallout 76 reintroduced problems that had already been fixed in a previous patch. But in an ironic twist, Bethesda's hotfix to take care of the issue again introduced a bug that's even worse. The problem appears to be ongoing, so it's difficult to tell when a new fix will be issued to fix the issues caused by the fix to the fix.


The truth is that some programmers don't really care about their fans, they don't even know what they are doing. When they try to fix one problem or glitch, they end up creating a new horrible one.
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What is your platform?
I also installed and played Fallout 76 in xbox one and I have no issues regarding glitch or bugs.
This is the reason why I dont immediately played game sequels or expansion within months of its release because of bugs and glitch that greatly affects my gaming experience.

In my case, I usually make a report regarding such glitch and errors backed up eith screenshots if possible. Most of the popular gaming company had excellent game support that is available 24/7. But sometimes if the glitch is still fresh, the support center is flooded with complaints thats why the services is suspended until the errors or bugs is updated.


I have noticed that Fallout 76 seems to have undergone some of the patches for the mobile too. Though mobiles chiby version is kind of low key. And I'd not take that serious. But expected the PC version to perform. It seems like they are going to through recurring issues with the patches and bugs. Hope that changes soon.