News Fallout 4, Skyrim can run at 60fps on Xbox Series X with mods


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May 30, 2020
All told, the story is a positive one for owners of Microsoft's new consoles. Even modded to the eyeballs, Skyrim is clearly showing its age, but the game itself is golden and running the title at 60 frames per second is an excellent bonus for Series machine owners. Fallout 4 is similarly transformed, and whether it's via Microsoft's upcoming patch or via a tweaked version of the 720p 60fps mod, a solid showing on Series consoles is welcome - especially considering how the game ran into some profound storage and CPU issues on last-gen machines. Access to Zen 2 processor hardware plus solid state storage really lets this game shine.

Xbox Series backwards compatibility is excellent - but performance gains are limited in 30fps capped games like Skyrim and Fallout 4... except these games have mods... mods that can unlock the frame-rate, producing a dramatically better experience. Rich and John take a look.


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